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Step 1: Front

Choose a photo from our library

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Choosing Your Image

We have a number of professionally designed images for you to choose from. Simply click on the link to the left ('choose a photo from our library') to get started. Hover your mouse over the 'Change Gallery' menu to browse our full library. When you're ready to choose a photo, hover your mouse over it and click on the tick.


A sample layout of the front is shown below.

Example of Front Cover

Uploading a Photo

We can accept most formats ie files ending with .jpg - .pdf - .tif - .eps etc. Maximum file size is 10Mb.

Whether you are uploading or posting, please try to select a picture that is clear like a passport photo and is of a high enough resolution to reproduce. A quick way to check is if you can zoom into the photo on screen by 300% and the image still looks ok then all should be fine.

If you require the picture to be touched up or there is more than one person in the picture please give a description of who the deceased person is and any work you need to the image. There is a 'Additional Comments' box on the last page.


If you wish to have a custom piece of artwork created, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Step 1: Front

Select the front image and text.

Step 2: Back

Choose verse

Step 3: Order details

Select quantities

Step 4: Confirm & Order

Check the order details and prices and submit order.